Who We Are

Here is the full story :-

Santanu Gayen(Jerry)

business development manager

Two students from the renowned institute of NIHT( National Institute of Hardware & Technology), Susmita Sengupta and Santanu Gayen, known as Jerry, met Nitesh Upadhyay(Jack), who had been in the IT industry since 2001. Santanu and Susmita’s expertise in digital marketing and Nitesh’s experience and expertise in both digital marketing and software development combined to launch IMPACT MEDIA. Jerry and Jack have already worked with 50+ businesses in Australia and U.S.A. With a total of 9 experts, including 4 certified website and mobile application developers, 2 S.E.O specialists , two social media management specialists, and 1 P.P.C management specialist, IMPACT MEDIA is capable of completing any small, medium-scale, or large project for your business . 

susmita sengupta


"Impact Media"—Not just an agency, but a vision.

What problem are we seeking to solve?

A study in 2021 revealed that 59% of Australian small businesses don’t have any independent recognition online . They still use the local directories at an incredibly high rate or only depend on word of mouth or references . But can this be a permanent solution? A whooping 86.5% of the total population is using the internet now, so what if they get the next mouth-watering deal from a well-known business while scrolling through social media or by just doing a Google Search ? Their visibility would be a problem, right? Let IMPACT MEDIA help you to understand which platforms and marketing strategies can work for you better than traditional marketing . It’s not only that businesses believe in word of mouth and don’t want to have an independent online presence; sometimes they cannot afford the patience and huge cost according to the Australian market standards. Many one-man businesses are scared to start online advertising as they don’t have an idea of how it starts and what to expect . Impact Media is here to guide you and discuss the total plan of action. We are just a call away. Also look at our reasonable rates, specially designed for small and medium-scale businesses on our service pages.

Where are we headed?

“We want to reduce the gap between small , medium-scaled and large businesses. We have heard from many small-scale businesses that they cannot face the tough competition and Top-Notch Tactics used by their rivals who are trying to rule the market. At times you can’t help but we have seen businesses close down due to lack of poor marketing strategies. If you are disappointed with how your business is doing, then please give a chance to IMPACT MEDIA . Let us take the responsibility because we consider “your business as ours”. We know that you won’t think twice before giving us your time and money if we give you the value of it . Your satisfaction is a high priority for us . See what my clients say about us.

                 — Santanu (Jerry)

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